The Cellarius Clock Project


The last years I have been working on the design of four Clocks based on the magnificent Sky maps of Andreas Cellarius
a German - Dutch map maker (1596 - 1665)
I have reworked the maps and used his drawings for the Zodiac images

Only one or two will be built because of severe health problems and there is still a lot of work to be done
One of the clockworks will have a normal train, the other an epicyclic   




 This first clock is almost ready, it has a normal train





Disc with Moonfases



The clockwork with the wheels for Sky and Sun





 The wheels for Sky and Moon where still in need to be adjusted



Because the Sky plate was heavy I had to use two bearings for support (In the center)


The original Cellarius map

(seen from Earth the images must be reversed)



The epicyclic train for the second Cellarius clock






A dummy from acrylic


Milling the Cellarius plate



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