The Hospice Clock



The Clock is designed for 52 degrees NB and shows, date, mean local Sun time, clock time in 24 hours, position of the Sun, Moon and Nodes on the ecliptic, and also the position of the Zodiac to the horizon.
Prediction of Sun and Moon eclipses is possible


The signs in the inner Zodiac circle are the old 30 degrees signs, in the outer circle the real Astronomical



When the local Sun hand, the outer edge of the Zodiac ring and the horizon cross, you can read the time of Sunrise or sunset.


(Because the local Sun, Moon and Nodes hand move in mean time, there position in the real Sky can be sometimes a little different, especially the Moon)

(Midwinter - 21 December)


 (Sun Eclipse 26 January 2009 - New Moon at 8h 54 - Sun and Moon and Dragon are in line)
(The Sun is at mean local position)



Building the Hospice clock

The wheel work
(The arbors run in miniature Ball Bearings)
In a hospice there is no time for a classic clock work with a weight, that's why I used a quarts clock)


The wheels for Sky, Moon and Dragon, the centre arbor is moving in 24 hours.

Sky (mean) in 23h 56m 4,1101998s    difference daily 0.01967258s
Moon (mean) in 24h 50m 28,3363494s   difference daily 0.00769716s
Dragon (mean) in23h 55m 51,45631032s   difference daily 0.00368872s

Sky about 12 m, Moon about 5m and Dragon about 2m difference in 100 years

Calculation Sheet Sky
Calculation Sheet Moon
Calculation sheet Dragon




Side view



The tubes, steel-brass-steel-brass, to prevent wear


Blanks before cutting


 A lot of work to do


After polishing


Tryout Moon work


 The new Moon work in Module 0.5
 (It took a long time to get the tiny screws (1mm) in place, most of that time I was on the floor, searching)


Finding the balance for the Moon Work


Finding the balance for the Sun hands


The light blue disc can be turned and show degrees


Some parts have a Gold plating, the discs with the signs of the Moon knots a Silver plating




Bevel gear cutting
Links page - Utilities/ (Bevel) gear software/ Tips -


Two small holes and a pin make it possible to change from Winter to Summer Time


The difference between Local and Winter Time
 (The upper hand will give the clock time (Winter or Summer time in 24 hours), the lower hand (ball) the local time)


Making the signs of the Zodiac

 (Copies of the signs where enlarged at the computer, and than engraved in plastic)



Finished Zodiac signs

 Ready to be used!


Bending the inner ring
(In the oven of course!)


Engraving the hours
(A small piece of transparent plastic with a black line helped to center)


Stereographic Projection  52 degrees NB


Engraving the zodiac ring



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