Astronomical Clock with perpetual Calendar mechanism

as described in Britten's handbook


In Britten's handbook there are no technical dimensions and details, many times I felt like a Sherlock Holmes figuring out how to do it.
Beneath the wheel that turns once a year and the center I made two equal wheels, they move the long hand in the center.
In one year this hand moves anti clockwise through the images of the Zodiac showing the position of the Sun
Will the perpetual mechanism work as intended, I don't know just have to wait and hope, time will tell!
(Perhaps some adjustments to the date wheel have to be made)




Engraving for the Clock face



And the engraving for the Equation of Time



Building the perpetual mechanism

 Front side 




Rear side with date wheel
( The date wheel turns once in four years, it has deep notches for the months of February, one of them is less deep
and is for the leap year, the other shallow notches are for the months with 30 days)



  Front side with hands for Sun - Equation of Time - Days of the Month - Days of the Week - The Month and Zodiac signs




Some parts for the front side



And some parts for the back side



The kidney shaped disc turns once a year 



This disc turns once a year and moves the hand for the equation of time



This spring gives a constant pressure on the pin that pushes against
the kidney shaped disc


This disc at the rear side turns once in four years
(the contra weight is on the photo at the wrong side of the pin)




The levers for the month, week and date wheel



Every wheel has a steel bush in the center



This wheel carries the Moon disk



Moon disk





The lever has to be moved by hand - once a day - so this part had to be very sturdy
(It would be possible to use a 24 hour clock but I decided to do it in this manner)
(The two rvs plates are made from an old broken soup spoon)





Stars for the Zodiac




Milling of the Stars with the Lathe



Photo without the glass




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