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Astronomical Clocks/ Planetariums:

  Eise Eisinga Planetarium     

  Planetarium Zuylenburgh    

  Festo Harmonices Mundi

  Giovanni de Dondi Astrarium

  Prague Astronomical clock 

  Andreas Nilsson - The Astronomical Clocks of Rasmus Sørnes

  Astronomische Uhr Ulm - (German)

  Henk Olthof - Achterhoeks Planetarium  (Dutch)

  Sean Gallagher - Negative Space

  The Astronomical Clock of the St Marien Kirche in Rostock

  The Prague Astronomical Clock - Orloj

  The Astronomical Clock of Beçanson

    The Long Now Foundation 

   The Restoration of Jens Olsen's clock

    The Richard Wallingford Clock

  The Türler Clock

  Werner Anderegg - Astronomische Uhren (German)

  Wier - An Astronomical Clock

  Wikipedia - Astronomical Clock

   Wildrik Botjes Planetarium

    Willy Leenders - Prague five kinds of time on one clock


Antikythera Mechanism - (Re-Design of):

   Bob Warfield - CNC Cookbook

  The Antikythera Artifact

    The Antikythera Computing Device

    The Antikythera Mechanism 1 - with animations by Bill Casselman

  Jerry Julliano - The Antikythera Mechanism

   The Antikythera Mechanism Research Project

   Tatjana van Vark - The Essence of the Antikythera Mechanism

  Teun Koetsier - Secrets of the Gear System ( PDF)

   Mogi Massimo Vicentini - The Antikythera Celestial Machine

  Simulation and Animation of the Antikythera Mechanism


Astrolabes/ Astrolabe Design:


  MyAstrolabe and Horologium

  Martin Brunold Astrolabes - Sundials

  Nicolàs de Hilster - 1580s Iberian Astrolabe (replica)

   Keith's Astrolabes

   Richard Wymarc - The Astrolabe Project

   Shadows (Astrolabe Design)

  Lyte Lowys and the Pol Hors - The Astrolabe, from Alidade to Zenith

  The Astrolabe

    The Astrolabe: an Online Resource


Books/ Videos:

  Astronomical Clocks - a.o. The planetarium of Giovanni di Dondi

   Astronomische Uhren und Welt-Modelle der Priester Mechaniker

  A Treatise on milling and milling machines  - (Bevel gears)

  E Beckett - A rudimentary treatise on Clocks Watches and bells

   Books about working with the Lathe - (gears)

  Derek J. de Solla - On the Origin of Clockwork (ebook)

  F.J. Britten - Watch and Clockmakers' Handbook (Internet)

  Erik Damm - Grundlagen Astromischer Uhren - (German)

  James Evans -The History& Practice of Ancient Astronomy (Internet)

  Henry C. King - Geared to the Stars (internet)

  Andre Lehr - De Geschiedenis van het Astronomische Kunstuurwerk

  John Locke - Making a Tellurian/ Orrery (Internet)

  Jo Marchant - Decoding The Heavens

   James E. Morisson - The Astrolabe

  M L Booth - New and complete clock and watchmakers' manual

  Otto Mortensen - Jens Olsen's Clock (Internet)

  Peter Heimann - Regulator Clock Construction

  Philip Woodward - My Own Right Time - Clockwork Design

  Prof Ettore Pennestrì - Works and Live of De Dondi   

  Ptolemy"s Course of the Planets displayed by Clockwork

    William R. Smith - Telegraph Keys - Clockmaking and Modelmaking

  Silvio A. Bedini - The Borghesi Astronomical Clock (ebook)

  Stuart Harrison - John Harrison's Contrivance

  The principles of Mr Harrison's Timekeeper

  Tomas Reid - Treatise on clock and watchmaking

  Peter Held - Uhrenbau Ein Werkbuch (German)  

  Robert Porter - The Clock & Watchmaker's guide to gear making

  Ward L. Goodrich - The Modern Clock

    J.Malcolm. Wild - Wheel and Pinion Cutting in Horology 

  John Wilding Books

  Jon Everett - Galileo's Pendulum and Clock  

  Werner Anderregg - Astronomische Uhren (German)


Clock and Watch Building Information - Clock Reconstruction:

  Adventures in Watchmaking

  Amateur Watchmaking

  Derek Roberts - Care of a Longcase Clock

  Carlo Croce - Orologio con scappamento di gravità tipo Arnfield

  Dave West Workshop Hints and Tips

  Donald W. Corson - Making a Watch by Hand

  Dr Günther Oestmann - Ars Mechanica

    Historic Timekeepers Photoseries

    Horologica - Where only Time will tell

    How to adjust and regulate your Clock to keep perfect Time

    How to Make a clock Run for 10,000 Years

  James P. Riser - A1 is finally underway!

   Hugh Sparks - Watchmaking

  Ian D. Fowler - Uhrenrestaurator und Uhrenhistoriker   

  Jesse's Projects - Mechanical project

  John G. Kirk - Gear Trains

  John Wilding Clocks - Wheels and Pinions - and other makers

  Mark Headrick's - Horology Page

  NAWCC - Making and Using Horological Tools

  Phil Sydor - Astronomical mechanisms

  Simeon Lapinbleu - Horology

  The Pouvillon Restoration Project

   Timekeepers Workbench


Clock builders:    

  Carlo. G. Croce                  

  Chris Reynerd - Dr Woodwards Gearless Clock

  Clockmaker Jorgen Jorgensen  

  Dean Williams - Clock Making

  John Moran - Building Woodward's Gearless Clock

  John C Taylor - Chronophage

    J. B. Shadle - Online Clock Building

  Lei Lennaerts - English Lantern Clocks

  Marcel Betrisey creations

   Mark Frank - An Astronomical Skeleton Clock

  Rex Swenson

   Roger Bunce - My Clocks

  Tatjana van Vark - The Free Pendulum Timekeeper

  Toine Dealmans - The Astronomical Clock


Clock Building in Wood:

  Clayton Boyer - Medieval Astrological Calendar Clock

  Clayton Boyer - (Wooden) Clock Designs

  Brian Law's - WoodenClocks

  Broadhurst - The Wooden Clock

  Gary's Clocks - (Wooden Clocks)

  Wooden - Clocks/ Holzräderuhren

  Wooden Works Clocks Introduction


CNC/ (Bevel) Gear software/ Metal Working/ Utilities/ Microscrews:

   Bob Warfield's CNC Cookbook

  CNC - Gears

  Dr Alan R. Pinkus - Micro Machine

  Dean Williams - A Fairly Simple Dividing Head

  Emco Unimat - Tech Tips Page

  Frank J. Hoose's Mini Lathe Site

  Handy Hints

  Helicron's Workshop - Making your own Gears

  Frank Ford - Home Shop Tech Articles

   Josh Madison - Convert

  John Moran's Mini Lathe Site

  Koichi Hirata - Elementary Knowledge of Metalworking

  Lathes ( Machine Tool Reference Archive)

   Marv Klotz's - Utilities (gear software)

  Majosoft's Metal working Site

  Metal Web News      

  Nick Carter's Taig Lathe and Milling Machine Pages

  The Model Engineer - Notes on Workshop Techniques

  Thors Metalworking Homepage - (PDF's )

   Tips from Sherline Machinists (Bevel gear cutting)

  Tom Martin - Shopswarf

  King Microscrews

   Tony Jeffree's - Model Engeneering Pages

  Vincent Chan - Cycloid Gear Calculator


History/ Information/ Cartography Archeoastronomy:

   Astronomical Clocks of the Middle Ages

   Astronomicum Caesareum  

  Armagh Observatory (The Human Orrery)

  Bronze Age Sky Disc Diciphered    

  Clocks - British Museum

  Clocks - British Museum  - Astronomical Clock

  Craig Mc Connell - Models of planetary Motion

  English Astronomical Longcase Clock C 1780

  Epact - Scientific Instruments of Medieval and Renaissance

  Past Horizons - Iron age royal tomb shows lunar alignment

   James Q Jacobs - Astronomy References    

  J. E. Bosschieter - A History of the Evolution of Electric Clocks

  The Lion and the Cardinal - Great Clocks of Christendom

  Hampton Court Clock from the inside

    Graphic work and models for scientific visualization

  Museo Galileo - Cosmic Machines

   Planetaria Models/ Telluriums

   Robert H. van Gent - Celestial Cartography

   Robert Rusell - The Clocks of Leendert Prina

    The Dutch Connection - A short history of the Dutch Clock

  Time for Clocks - Astronomical Clocks



British Horological Institute;



National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors;



Orrery (Builders):

  Adam Richard Cooper - Sharing Various Things

    Brian Greig Orrery Maker

    Carlo. G. Croce     

    Copernican Planetary Orrery - A Build Log

  Christian Bernardet's - orreries and tellurians

   Clayton Boyer  Ferguson's Mechanical Paradox Orrery

  Clock Work Orrery Detail

   Eugene Sargent

   Frizinghall Models & Railways - Astronomical Models (Meccano)

  Ian Coote - Ferguson's orrery

  Peter Grimwood Orreries UK

  Planetarium Zuylenburgh - New Orrery         


Planetarium programs/ software:



  Skychart/Cartes du Ciel




Planispheres (Star Wheels):

  R. Walrecht Productions    


Professional Clock & watch Builders:

  Andrew Vorontsov Skeleton Watches & Clocks

  Christiaan van der Klaauw Astronomical Watches    

  Sinclair Harding Sun and Moon Clocks

  The St.Petersburg Centre of Watch & Clock Restoration

  David Walter Timepieces


  Pater & fils - Artistes Horlogers - Astronomical Clock


Sites with many Horological Resources:

  Antiquarian Horological Society

   Horology - The Index    

  The Horological Foundation


Sundials/ Sundial Design:

    Frans Meas - Sundial Site

  Heiner Thiessen - Solar Time      

            -New Equinox dial-

  Roger Bunce - My Sundial


   Shadows (Sundial Design)

  Introducing - The Annosphere

  Jomashop Academy - Origin of the Sundail    

  The British Sundial Society    

    The North American Sundial Society    



  Calendars Through The Ages 

  Leo Rogers - A Brief History of Time Measurement

  The Evolution of Time Measurement  

  The Engineering of Clocks throughout History

  Heather Hobden - The Cosmic Elk - Time Before Clocks 



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